Press Release for Glassell Park Series

  • Movements of artistic production, an arm reaching up then swinging down, brush in hand, streaking a canvas with deep red, a body resting on the floor then animated by the slow progression of music, a strange choreography ensues, wet clay stacked high forming a precarious structure falls and is quickly reassembled only to fall again smacking the cement, a model is posed in situ, limbs curled, a photographer mutters commands composing form from behind a camera.

    These movements serve as the material for Brice Bischoff’s works entitled, Glassell Park Series. The series is named after the neighborhood where Bischoff has a studio and where all the works for this exhibition were produced. Bischoff is interested in the site of the artist’s studio. Questioning how, in the modernist sense, it is a place shrouded in mythology, where materials, actions, and artist combine in an alchemic process to create art. Here he attempts to record these beginnings, little artistic big bangs, through the medium of photography using long exposures. In doing this Bischoff assumes the role of creator (painter, sculptor, dancer, photographer, any medium rooted in a studio practice) and performs the act of creation for the still camera. The resulting photographs offer a glimpse into this process, an explosive, ghostly mess of artistic production.

    This exhibition presents photographs installed alongside the props Bischoff created and used during the various performances represented in the photographs. A variety of the non-photographic elements on view are a result of artistic collaboration. Bischoff asked friends, Swiss artist Charlotte Herzig to paint a mural on his studio wall, Austrian based artist Seth Weiner to use his sculptures as props, and Los Angeles based model Jill Henderson to pose. Both Herzig and Weiner will have work represented in the exhibition, a mural and sculptures respectively.

  • - Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

The Uncertain Photograph’s Unleashed Objects: About Brice Bischoff’s Glassell Park Series

by Claudia Slanar

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